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Unversity of Phoenix Distance Learning

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university of phoenix distance learningUniversity of Phoenix distance learning is widely known when it comes to online universities. They were established in the year 1989 and they were the very first distance learning university to be accredited and today has 57,000 students which makes them the largest school in the country. Though, not everything about University of Phoenix is superb , there is still much to like.

Due to the fact that they were the first university to be accredited online, they already have established a name in distance learning that no one can match. Most students who attend the school aims to enhance the job prospects which is a very important characteristic because this only means that there will be more job opportunities for them. In fact, graduates have no problem looking for jobs because the school is well-known among employers. Aside from providing great job opportunities to their students, they are also respected for their teaching. A lot of students will attest to the quality distance education and great counseling service that they are obtaining from the school which is very rare in online universities.

Though, as mentioned earlier, not everything is excellent in University of Phoenix distance learning. Even if the educators are far better than their competitors, the school is still plagued by inconsistency. This means that some of their classes are managed with excellence while others are lacking. Technology is one of the area where the school falls behind from its competitors. With an online campus, the user interface is the key and this is where the school falls short. The technology they are using is not sophisticated in all areas such as using Outlook Express to send emails as supposed to using free web-mail accounts such as Google or Yahoo.

But the bottom line is University of Phoenix distance learning assures you that you get a job after graduation. They may not have the latest in technology but they do not fall short when it comes to providing you quality distance education that you need.