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Kaplan University Admission

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kaplan university admissionThe academic programs of Kaplan University combines flexibility and convenience of online education having high quality standards. The university offers you the opportunity to reach your goals without compromising your work or family responsibilities. Once you have contacted the university, you will be matched with an Admission Advisor that will guide you through the admission process.

Here are the following Kaplan University admission requirements for certain kinds of applicants:

Undergraduate Programs

The applicant must be able to meet the standards for undergraduate programs application:

  • Must be a high school graduate
  • Must have a General Education Development (GED) certificate
  • Must have a Home Study certificate or transcript from a Home Study program that equates to high school level and recognized by your home state, and be beyond the age of compulsory attendance in that state
  • Must be a high school senior that is able to apply and submit proof of high school graduation

One of the following documents of high school graduation evidence or equivalent must be provided to Kaplan University:

  • Certified copy of an original high school diploma
  • A duplicate of a high school transcript which indicates the date of high school graduation
  • A duplicate of a DD214 military record which indicates the applicant is a high school graduate or equivalent
  • An official notification or GED certificate that a GED has been earned
  • College transcript which indicates the date of high school graduation

Some of the documents are not necessarily given during the time of admission but must be completed as soon as possible to be successfully considered for the program.

Graduate Programs

To be able to apply for Kaplan University’s graduate programs, the applicant must submit an unofficial transcript which indicates receipt of a bachelor’s degree from a university or college which is accredited by regional or national accrediting agency. It must also be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Additional documents might be asked to be able to qualify for transfer of credit. More details of transfer of credit can be discussed with the Admission Advisor.

Kaplan University admission is very simple and as long as you have all the documents they need and you meet all their standards, you will be able to qualify for the program.

International Academy of Design and Technology Admission

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iadt admissionEvery information that an applicant needs to know about the different online degrees offered at International Academy of Design and Technology are provided in their website. They made it easier for applicants so they can make an informed decision. The first step in the International Academy of Design and Technology admission process is a telephone interview with an admission representative.

The interested applicant must immediately apply for admission to secure acceptance for a certain program and to be notified about the start date of class. Parents or significant others of the applicant is encourage to join-in in the interview. The interview will inform not only the applicant but also their families about what the university can provide its students for them to fulfill their dreams. The interview will also help the admission representative to know if the applicant is a strong candidate for enrollment in their chosen field.

The next step is to pass all application requirements.

  • Attestation of graduation which is gathered from the secondary school. It must include high school equivalency certificate through any state Department of Education or through the U.S. military and standard diploma.
  • Request for college transcripts which is needed if the applicant wants to transfer previously earned credit to the Academy.
  • Application for Admission which includes a signature of a parent or guardian if applicant is below 18 yrs old.
  • Payment of application fee which is non-refundable, unless the applicant cancels his application within 3 days after the school receives the application fee and the Enrollment Agreement. It is also given back if the applicant is not accepted.

International Academy of Design and Technology admission is pretty simple but they also have the right to deny admission to applicants.