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Online Classes vs Traditional Classes

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online classes vs traditional classesThis debate about online classes vs traditional classes is being talked about every time since online universities are sprouting all over the internet. Some debates that online universities does not take their students seriously and they are just in there for profit. On the other hand, most people will still side with attending traditional classes since people have been attending it ever since. But are online classes really that bad?

Well, in every side there are advantages and disadvantages and online classes vs traditional classes is not different. Both options have their own share of ups and downs which will be discussed in this article.

Time: So, when it comes to traditional classes, you have the responsibility to show up in class as it is scheduled and pass all projects and assignments on time. While, of course, in online classes you do not have to show up in class and you can just check out discussion boards, download the course material and study in your own time. So, being on time is what traditional classes is all about and this is the opposite when it comes to online classes.

Discussions/Communication: Traditional classes gives you the option to talk directly to your professors and classmates and discuss or ask questions. When it comes to online classes, you send them an email or post questions anytime on the discussion board and your classmate or your professor can give you answers. Though, with this setup, you have to wait until someone answers your questions not unlike in a traditional setting where you get an answer immediately.

Course Materials: Online classes only discusses topics that are directly related to the course the student took and no other extra subjects. The course materials are always given online through text, audio or video downloads. So the students have the option to go through them later. While on a traditional setting, it heavily relies on books, books that you need to buy or borrow from the library and have tons of pages xeroxed. But almost all libraries now have access to the internet which makes research easier.

Credibility of professors: For some online universities, their professors who may not really be professors, they might only be expert on a certain topic or field and they are there to share their knowledge. But today there are universities which started in a traditional setting and have expanded online and they are sure to provide real professors. In a traditional setting, it is no doubt that the one teaching is a professor with masters degree and all.

So, there are really a lot of things to cover when comparing online classes vs traditional classes. The ones sighted in this article are the most common concerns of students who are torn between taking an online class or a traditional class.