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MBA Online Degree Tips

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mba online degreeMBA online degree has become one of the most popular sought after degree. Most employers seek MBA degree holders to fill out their executive positions. This is also the automatic higher degree chosen by business degree graduates. But before you enroll yourself in an MBA online degree, you must consider the things that can help you get admitted into an MBA program. Here are some helpful MBA online degree tips for you.

It is important to not rush when getting your MBA online degree. One of the factors that will get you into a top MBA online degree is to have enough experience. In the past, most people work for 2-3 years to earn for their MBA degree and when there are already sufficient funds or their job requires it then that is the time they get into the program. But today, the standards are higher, most have 5 years experience before they get their MBA.

Your GMAT or General Management Admissions Test scores are important during the application process. You can also research the GMAT scores of the students enrolled in an MBA program. Prepare well for this test. In an MBA online degree application there is usually an essay portion. Be sure to think carefully about what you are going to write in your essay. Think about the reason why you are enrolling for an MBA degree and be sure to know enough information about the online school where you want to pursue higher education. Make sure that your essay reflects your work experiences and what you can bring to their program. The application process is the most important part because once you pass this everything will follow.

These MBA online degree tips are simple but important when applying for a higher education degree.

Unaccredited Degrees – Know more about it

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unaccredited degreesThere are already hundreds of universities and colleges all over the world that are not accredited. They are the ones that offer very low tuition fee with shortcut courses. There are also some reputable schools and universities but still are not accredited because accreditation is a long process. So before enrolling yourself in an online school or university you must know more about unaccredited degrees and what can it do to your future.

Unaccredited schools offer low cost education with faster path to finishing a degree and very flexible too. Many people are tempted to enroll themselves in this school and it is because of the very low fee and most are not aware or does now know about accreditation. You can never go wrong with an accredited school, this means that they offer high-quality education and usually at a high cost but these schools are recognized by the Department of Education and employers.

Some people may benefit from an unaccredited degree which means that they just do it to get a degree and not because they need it. Though, not all employers do an in-depth research whether their employees came from an accredited school. Some get an unaccredited degree for higher education such as MBA or PhD so they could just add it to their names and attract more customers.

Several problems can arise from unaccredited degrees such as when your employer changes policies. Your employer might have tolerated or accepted you even though you have a degree from an unaccredited school but company policies can change due to change of management or business competition. Bad publicity can cause you not to get any job since the media constantly reveals fraudulent activities in the education field.

Proper accreditation is needed by any school, colleges or universities because this proves that they follow the standards set by the Department of Education. You may have to pay for higher cost but you are sure that you will get high quality education and you are assured of employment in the future. Unaccredited degrees are easy and cheap but in the long run, problems will arise. So be sure to check out the schools accreditation and ask around before enrolling yourself.

College Loans vs College Grants

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Education is really important and that is the only thing that they cannot take away from you and that is a fact. For some people, going to college is only a dream because of financial problems, another fact is that college is expensive. If you are one of those who are struggling or do not have money to pay for college do not lose hope. Today, there are different ways to pay for education. You can choose to apply for a college loans and college grants. But first you must know the different of college loans vs college grants.

College grants are financial aid that is provided by the government to qualified students who wants to go to college. For the government to consider you for it is that you must be able to state how you can change the society with the career path that you chose. College grants is not paid back to the government unlike loans, the student is able to re-pay the the financial aid by doing good for the society in the future.

Though, not all expenses are paid by the government when it comes to college grants especially when you plan on attending a prestigious school. But in the case of community college where tuition fees tend to be lower, then there is a chance that everything well be covered. If in case the college grant provided is not able to cover everything then you can perhaps get a part time job.

Now, we will cover the other side of the college loans vs college grants battle. College loans are the ones that you can get either thru bank, financial aid from universities and private company. You do not have to pay for this until you graduated from college, the downside with college loans is that it earns interest, so by the time you finished college, the amount you are going to pay may have already doubled. Though, there are also different repayment plans especially when your financial status is not great, you can repay the loan in a span of three years.

Between college loans vs college grants, it is up to you to decide which to choose. When you apply for college grants make sure that you already have a plan of what you are going to do in the future. If you go for college loans, you must make sure that you only borrow what you need. You can also apply for both so that it can cover all educational expenses.

Distance Education Computer Degrees

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distance education online degreesDistance education computer degrees provides students with the opportunity to get a well-paid profession and unlimited opportunities. Since technology is widely used, you are guaranteed that you will be able to land a job several months after graduation.

Online computer degrees give opportunities to students to experience, master and apply their computer skills that they will need for employment. Enrolling online will provide them a more focused learning since online education directly teaches what is needed in the subject and no more extra or minor subjects. Specific areas of computer related courses include information science, computer design and engineering, computer network management, management information systems, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, engineering, software applications, operating systems and networks.

Graduates of distance education computer degrees can work as an Internet developer, software testers, database administrators, datacom analysts, project managers, help desk analysts and software engineers. These are just few of the many career options available in the computer science field today.

Here is a list of reputable online schools who offer computer degrees:

  • Walden University
  • Baker College Online – is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)
  • ECPI College of Technology – is regionally accredited and has specialized in Technology, Business and Health Sciences Education for nearly 40 years.
  • Kaplan University – is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).
  • University of Phoenix – is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).
  • Westwood College – is a nationally accredited learning institution focused on preparing students for high-demand career fields.
  • Penn Foster Career School – is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

Best Online Graduate Degrees

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Today, getting a 4-year college course is not enough for most people. Most people would go after having a masters degree which will make their resume more impressive and has a higher chance to get a better position at a large company. But for some company, it is also a requirement before an employee to be promoted. But time is limited for these professionals which is why different colleges are already providing online graduate degrees. Choosing best online graduate degrees is not a problem anymore and these are the best that one can find online.

Master of Arts Degree: One of the best online graduate degrees is in the field of Arts. Under this field, there are also several subjects where one can specialize. The usual choices for this field lies in liberal and communication studies.

Master of Science and Technology Degree: This degree will help you specialize in several areas of science-related courses such as Computer Science or Information Technology. You will have great chances with a masters degree in science in companies that has to do with research, technology or consultancy.

Master of Business Administration: Today, MBA is one of the most sough after courses since everywhere you look its all about business. Having a masters degree in this field will make it easier for you to be at the top of the game especially when you also have several years of work experience.

Masters Degree in Nursing: Nursing the fastest growing career today not only for professionals but especially for those entering college. Graduating from nursing also entails great job opportunities abroad where it is in demand. Even doctors are willing to be a nurse so they could work abroad which is provides them with a higher salary.

Thanks to online universities and technology, betting the best online graduate degrees now are possible and very easy and does not have to require a lot of time.

Online Classes vs Traditional Classes

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online classes vs traditional classesThis debate about online classes vs traditional classes is being talked about every time since online universities are sprouting all over the internet. Some debates that online universities does not take their students seriously and they are just in there for profit. On the other hand, most people will still side with attending traditional classes since people have been attending it ever since. But are online classes really that bad?

Well, in every side there are advantages and disadvantages and online classes vs traditional classes is not different. Both options have their own share of ups and downs which will be discussed in this article.

Time: So, when it comes to traditional classes, you have the responsibility to show up in class as it is scheduled and pass all projects and assignments on time. While, of course, in online classes you do not have to show up in class and you can just check out discussion boards, download the course material and study in your own time. So, being on time is what traditional classes is all about and this is the opposite when it comes to online classes.

Discussions/Communication: Traditional classes gives you the option to talk directly to your professors and classmates and discuss or ask questions. When it comes to online classes, you send them an email or post questions anytime on the discussion board and your classmate or your professor can give you answers. Though, with this setup, you have to wait until someone answers your questions not unlike in a traditional setting where you get an answer immediately.

Course Materials: Online classes only discusses topics that are directly related to the course the student took and no other extra subjects. The course materials are always given online through text, audio or video downloads. So the students have the option to go through them later. While on a traditional setting, it heavily relies on books, books that you need to buy or borrow from the library and have tons of pages xeroxed. But almost all libraries now have access to the internet which makes research easier.

Credibility of professors: For some online universities, their professors who may not really be professors, they might only be expert on a certain topic or field and they are there to share their knowledge. But today there are universities which started in a traditional setting and have expanded online and they are sure to provide real professors. In a traditional setting, it is no doubt that the one teaching is a professor with masters degree and all.

So, there are really a lot of things to cover when comparing online classes vs traditional classes. The ones sighted in this article are the most common concerns of students who are torn between taking an online class or a traditional class.

Unversity of Phoenix Distance Learning

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university of phoenix distance learningUniversity of Phoenix distance learning is widely known when it comes to online universities. They were established in the year 1989 and they were the very first distance learning university to be accredited and today has 57,000 students which makes them the largest school in the country. Though, not everything about University of Phoenix is superb , there is still much to like.

Due to the fact that they were the first university to be accredited online, they already have established a name in distance learning that no one can match. Most students who attend the school aims to enhance the job prospects which is a very important characteristic because this only means that there will be more job opportunities for them. In fact, graduates have no problem looking for jobs because the school is well-known among employers. Aside from providing great job opportunities to their students, they are also respected for their teaching. A lot of students will attest to the quality distance education and great counseling service that they are obtaining from the school which is very rare in online universities.

Though, as mentioned earlier, not everything is excellent in University of Phoenix distance learning. Even if the educators are far better than their competitors, the school is still plagued by inconsistency. This means that some of their classes are managed with excellence while others are lacking. Technology is one of the area where the school falls behind from its competitors. With an online campus, the user interface is the key and this is where the school falls short. The technology they are using is not sophisticated in all areas such as using Outlook Express to send emails as supposed to using free web-mail accounts such as Google or Yahoo.

But the bottom line is University of Phoenix distance learning assures you that you get a job after graduation. They may not have the latest in technology but they do not fall short when it comes to providing you quality distance education that you need.

American Intercontinental University Facts

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american intercontinental university factsThis school offers Associate, Bachelor and Masters degree program in several campuses situated in the United States, in London and online. They aim to help out people from different backgrounds by providing quality distance education in a flexible manner and providing courses that will help them reach their dreams. In this article, American Intercontinental University facts will be summarized to help you decide if they are the best online school for you.

Here are the American Intercontinental University facts that you must know:

  • AIU admits undergraduate, graduate students from all over the world and even those who are in the military.
  • They are accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • The degrees or courses offered by AIU will differ depending on the location of the school whether campus or online. Different campus and online degree programs offered by the school are: criminal justice, business, information technology, design, interior design, fashion, visual communication, media production, marketing, healthcare management and education.
  • Their other campuses are located in Cape Town, London, Florence, Italy and Dubai through AIU Study Abroad Program. All in all, AIU has seven campuses which includes their online school.
  • Another American Intercontinental University fact, is that it lacks a centralized structure as compared to traditional school.
  • The school’s website lack information about campus activities and student life which may not be that important but can play a huge role in attracting students.

AIU is also known to a strong career service center. The school connects students to local professionals and alumni and they help them in writing their resumes, hone their interviewing skills and help them achieve career goals. These American Intercontinental University facts are relevant information in helping you decide if this school fits your needs.

Kaplan University vs DeVry University

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Today, there are a lot of online schools which is a great option for those who are not able to relocate to attend school or for those who are too busy but still wants to get a degree. The usual schools that you will come across with when searching for the best online schools are Kaplan University, DeVry University and University of Phoenix. In this article we will be discussing Kaplan University vs DeVry University in a summarized form, listing each school’s pros and cons and what makes them different from the other.

Kaplan University is not only an online school but also has several campus located in several states in the United States. They aim to provide higher education to people who wants flexible schedules. They make use of several technology programs to assist students in whatever they need even if they are not in a typical classroom.  They offer classes for ssociate’s, certificate, Bachelor, Masters, diploma and JD levels. On the other hand, DeVry University is the oldest school online since they have started establishing their campuses in many locations way back in 1931. Currently, they have 70 campuses in addition to their online school which provides the students a wider range of classes as compared to Kaplan University. Though both are accredited but the latter is more established due to its longevity in the education field.

Some students, though, have claimed that since DeVry University has been around for so long, they feel that the classes are formulaic and that they cannot deviate from it. Formulaic means that it is outlined and very detailed that they cannot use their creativity at all. On the other hand, Kaplan University is utilizing more of technology which is very suitable for most students since everyone is already using it. They have also an online library, as a result of their collaboration with UAH Salmon Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL.

With DeVry University, they also offer employment to students as they finish their school at the rate of $6.50-$10. Though, some students still complain about the low rate but this is not offered with other schools. The employment rate after graduation within 6 months is said to be 90% which only means that they are giving high quality education and their classes really help their students get employment. The same can also be said with Kaplan University as they are recognized as one of the top schools online.

This Kaplan University vs DeVry University comparison is only a summarized info to give you a preview on the schools providing distance education online and hopefully will help you decide on which school to enroll in.