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AIU College Admission Process

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AIU college admission process

Your background is more important when you want to be admitted at American InterContinental University and it is more than treated as a transcript. AIU college admission process is very important and every information shared by the applicant is important for the university to expand its collective personality. The admission process is also a way for the university to promote and share dreams, goals and perspectives to the applicants.

AIU college admission process has several requirements that applicants must accomplish to be enrolled at AIU. These requirements must be presented by transfer applicants and first-time students:

  1. Must fill out the admission application form.
  2. Together with the submission of application form, a fee of $50 must be paid.
  3. Provide high school graduation attestation or its equivalent.
  4. Applicant must undergo an interview which is arranged by the AIU Admission Advisor.
  5. For students whose native language is not English, they must submit a proof of English proficiency such as TOEFL and the like before admission or arrival.

AIU college admission process is simplified for the applicants to concentrate more on their goals and not on submitting all the requirements and waiting for the process to be finished. With the help of AIU’s Admission Advisor, you are assured that you will be guided through all the way for you to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams. No need to be going to the office or campus just to fill out the application form because all of these can be accomplished online.

American InterContinental University Online Degree Programs

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AIU_OnlineAIU Online is a virtual campus for American InterContinental University where students from all over the globe can come together and learn in one place. American Intercontinental University also has several campuses that are located in Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; London, England and South Florida.

AIU has followed the trend on providing quality online education to anyone who is willing to take it. With the increasing benefits of online education there is no reason not to provide it AIU. Online students communicate with their teachers and other students through email and the university portal where assignments and other study materials are provided.

AIU Online degree programs includes the following:

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Healthcare Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Visual Communication

Most of AIU Online degree programs are focused on the most in-demand jobs today. Online education is also provided to military personnel and international students who are not based on permanent location. You can find all the information you need if you are a military student at AIU Online website.

There are only simple requirements to be admitted to AIU Online. For instance, if a student’s native language is not English then they are required to submit a proof of English profeciency. Just pay $50 for application upon submitting the application form. Also submit documents that will prove that you graduated from high school. And an admission interview will be conducted by AIU Admission Adviser.

The process of admission in AIU Online was made easy because they want to each student to get quality education and not wait for the paperworks to be approved. With this very simple admission process, you will surely get your degree in no time.